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Stacey Dresser
More Than Just a House
It's more than just a home.
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Interior Design
It is more than just a house.
  1. Design Advice
    I often design rooms around your favorite objects or your favorite colors. I strive to bring your decor ideas to life. No job is too big - or too small. I specialize in style and functionality.
  2. Free In-Home Design Consultation
    Call today to schedule your free in-home design consultation. Together we will tour your home and discuss your design ideas and challenges. We will work with you to determine a budget that accomplishes your decorating goals. Because our consultation is complimentary, your budget is just focused on the products necessary to achieve your design.
  3. Quoting
    Depending on the type of project to be done, we either charge hourly or by the project.
  4. Personal Service
    It’s the little personal touches that really tie a space together. We handpick the perfect accessories and finishes for your space, using our extensive collection of retail resources, artists, and fabricators.
  5. To begin the process
    To ensure that we understand your needs and to be able to provide you with the most satisfying results we need a lot of information from you. We need you to provide us with verbal descriptions of your likes, dislikes and many images that express your dreams, wishes and ideals for your home. These can be in the form of magazine pictures, web-site links, personal photographs, art books, sketches etc. Many people do not consider installing lighting in their homes but we invite you to think about this. No matter how beautiful the color scheme, the fabrics gracing the windows or covering the furniture you won’t actually see the effect without proper lighting. Light is what expresses color and after investing in your new décor it will fall short of expectation if the room(s) are not well lit. I pay close attention to every detail right down to switch plate covers to drawer pulls.
  6. Collaborations - Specialty Trades
    I work with many specialty artist who can also help make your decorating dreams come true. They can help you with faux painting, plaster wall art work, Venetian plaster, wall texture , murals, etc. We work with a very gifted carpenter should your design ideas include any room modifications.